of urine there was found in the chamber a number of hairs

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be left the detail of finding that place in which he is most com-

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temperature of the medium by which a patient was surrounded.

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(2) There is reason to hope that, by following up and applying

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Deputy Inspector of Military Hospitals, Physician to the Sur-

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active part in matters of public health. Modem medicine

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spinal column. No apparatus is necessary to enable one

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be quite justified in doing if the basis of comparison were not,

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are more frequent in women by reason of their well-known addic-

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pudding ; stirring it well all the time. When first strained, put

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ivy" poisoning, and that there was considerable "poison ivy"* near the

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were general, and accompanied by other cerebral symptom^.

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by ligatures ; sleeping on their backs without pillows, they are

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gists long ago held to the idea of ingestion infection from their success-

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Committee, decidedly inferior to the Patent Skeleton Leg, (No.

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True, one need not expect so rapid a result in a chronic

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an hour's repose in, the recumbent posture ; while in the

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fairly well, his feet are warm and_sensitive, but the motor power

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recovered against him on account of a trespass in the time of

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and even visible. Tlie next thing to find is whether

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found useful in the few cases in which you ascertain that there is a

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dy paid for the coming year, is still more pointed and direct

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the prevalence of tuberculosis in young children varies

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a woak r..r.Sv'o is put or. tl.e stixtv':.. I: varies from 60 j)er

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hot drinks — had been used, but the pain increased until it was insupportable.

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meat and vegetables, which fonn one of the sympt<mis of scofbutiai

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This is a clinical and experimental study of a subject of which very little is

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Dr. G. T. Loomis, of Cascade, Sheboygan Co., a graduate of Ann

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any assistance whatever, and in such a way that he could do what

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become altered in character; but I am inclined to think

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were instituted; but the conception embodied a two-fold pur-

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dry. He had vomited and passed his feces unconsciously. His pulse was

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tumors under the title "Degeneration alveolaire et gelatiniforme de

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task of communicating to another human being informa-

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headed "Remarks on Hydrophobia," I find the following

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and throughout New England, where this subject has been most

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boiled and cold, beat it smooth and stir in 3 cups of sour