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Warthin^ has shown further that active pathologic processes may
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infectious. And there can be no objection to such a distinction,
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June 12 Grand Rounds - 8:00 am, Yankton Medical Clinic; Speaker: To be announced, Topic: To be announced. Info: Joanna
epidemic. It appears worthy of remark, that during the prevalence of
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stillbirths by legitimacy and sex, deaths of infants under one year per
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44. Kirchen T, Nelson J, Burdo H: The autopsy as a measure of accuracy of the
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Here we enter a field where the profession are even
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and might be expected to prove permanently curative if regeneration were
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Bwnt; increase in cystitis. Death 12th day. Referer » : Sodete
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tration of the posterior columns of the spinal cord.
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gin, the household diuretic, is best avoided. And it is well not to push to
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scribed as uterine souffle with shock. On {>lacing the hand over the
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was responsible for both. The diagnosis of cerebral em-
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procured from Dr. J. A. Flexner, who kindly made suggestions as to its
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Bacteriology we discover many strange and interesting sights. Dr. Weisbecker
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it is very rare that poisoning has resulted from its ad-
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This school offers a four-year course leading to the degree of Doctor of
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order to settle the question of diagnosis. Meanwhile, the
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monias upon his service at St. Luke's Hospital and the New York Dispensary for