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By some it has been held that the sounds heard over the affected portion

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pists each represented 1% or less of all needlestick and sharps injuries.

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which had been found in other cases to be charged with shed

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but do not depend upon it. For correct prognosis it is essential that the

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peculiarly liable to become again seriously affected. Recovery may have

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tation of the capillaries and slowing of the blood stream.

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mucous surface or membrane, but is generally understood to mean

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well ; complains when pressure is made over cerebral vertebrae ; body covered with herpatic

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cases of talipes varus. The tihinlu poxticnH muscle,

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Harris, H. N. T., passed assistant surgeon, detached from the Pen-

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by summer employment, he was able to finish medical

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coscopy is of no small value. After some practice it is at least

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have died of the yellow fever, have fhewn abfcelfes

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heat, declaring that the high heat would scorch the

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Clinical Significance of Irregularity in the Action of

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trae respiratory system, but it distends it. The elements of the distending force

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nerve. In such cases the operation may, to some extent, protect the

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we see the notice in the stores, *'Blaud's pills, 15c. per

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that they could ascertain regarding its history, natnre,

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a working out of this intricate matter. To the proposition that

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board this ship, thought that they suffered from no other disease than dysen-

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Sergeant Qusfav Knapp, first class. Sergeant Knapp, first class,

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for further investigation. Dr. Lostorfer has treated in asimilar

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fats is in some way transformed into more soluble forms by enzymes pre-

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Sometimes, the cause being eradicated, nursing and nutrition go on*

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mentation, by M. Houel ; A Study of Pulmonary Congestion as

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rheumatism, are accompanied by considerable fever. When

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