times reverses the direction of its progress, and even goes back to its

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eye, or blindness of one eye, contraction or dilatation of one pupil,

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is in most cases attended by unmistakable signs of internal bleeding,

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ment in the tubules and Malpighian capsules, as the residue of some

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preciable previous irritation during the course of febrile diseases, assum-

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with Simon and Buchanan, who first encouraged researches on

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tion greater; the intellect, which was usually clear during the first

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of color peculiar to extravasations, blue, green, yellow, etc. When

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Allbutt's System, admits that in quite one-third of the cases

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blood-points are seen on the cut surface. The vessels of the cerebral

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cially the meningitis, are to be treated upon principles already laid

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of the sputum in sterile salt solution, and then inoculating some

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and which often lead to great functional disturbance, such as typhus,

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and plethoric subjects, in whom the lupus was making rapid progress,

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if he bathes in warm or cold water. On loading his extremities with

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statements that hydrophobia has made its appearance twenty or thirty

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depend solely on hypertrophy of the blood, i. e., an increase of its

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roseola appear upon the face and body (which is not uncommon), the

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kidney, and which ensues after the employment of irritating diuretics,

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a wafer, in order to screen the mucous membrane of the mouth from

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By far the most common mode of transmission of the chancre is by

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having undergone a complete fatty metamorphosis, and all the fat

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to the region of the bladder, and large doses of tannin should be given.

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TREATMENT. In the following paragraphs we have to treat not so

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serious and threatening until they are accompanied by other disturb-

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habitation possible, and they have the first successful coitus during

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toms have ceased, there are a few more copious passages, with dis-

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cess. This is shown by the inflammation of numerous joints distant

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the close of the malady is often extremely feeble. The great fre-

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On autopsy, it is just as difficult to discover a partial hyperaemia

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thaemia which I described in Volume LXXXVIII. of the Med ico-

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even a fifth icebag is often tolerated, with skilful nursing ;

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for years without positive effect, and had repeatedly visited Pyrrnont

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cous membrane almost always shows the signs of acute catarrh.

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countrymen. In Edinburgh, he was pre-eminent, knowing and

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spite of it, speaks against its infallibility. Hence, in recent times, the

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endeavour to give a concise view by dealing with it from a

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romata occasionally cause neither pain nor other inconvenience, so that

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not imply the presence of tubercle. Sabrazes and Duperie

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the neuralgia, we seem driven to the above-mentioned inconsistency,

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forms of nephritis, nevertheless admit the possibility of the exist-

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look waxy, have no feeling, and do not bleed if wounded. The skin

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treated upon general principles, due regard always being had to the

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fiftieth years, and somewhat more common in women than in men.