kidneys, finally producing nephritis with albuminuria

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Africa, where many thousands of subterranean opera-

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servation, that spasm of the glottis is an essential part of a fit

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case ; whereas, in the latter, the primitive fibres

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and Morton was the first to remove the appendix success-

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debility and emaciation; also in chronic dysentery and

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per cent.), yielding benzoic acid, HC^HjO^, on dry distillation;

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cases were published by his son. He ^ nograph of Mr. Butcher, of Dublin; the

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angle. The size of this angle will be proportional to the amount of the interposed

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M. D, (a tolerable summary of facts, garnished with rhetoric

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per se. But the accumulation of liquid may be the first and chief mani-

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(d) The hemoptysis that is connected with the menstrual function is of fre-

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and carefully comparing the results of treatment both

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of a large number of such chronic invalids who have become

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Twenty-five Guineas, if he shall have been under thirty

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in understanding how M. Barral, only weighing 105 lbs., could

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Calvary"' ; found that during anaphylactic shock in the dog there was a

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to me, but asked me to go to his house for an experiment. He did all the things

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sleeplessness in an extreme degree, constant headache,

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sphacelotoxin which he regards as the specific poison. The intoxica-

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length of time, as strong solutions contract the bloodvessels

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ever, remained good, and there was no loss of weight.

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times a timid youth dared to hint that he did not think his paper

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