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the i)atient lies quietly save when disturbed b}' evacuations and cramps.

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or gnawing. The duration of the local symptoms is of importance in this

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monoxide, or a mixture of these, is used, no therapeutic agents are more uniformly successful when intelli-

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Assimilation of Fats in the Human Body," and "Consumption and Wasting Diseases^" by two distinguii^ed

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heart-clot of this kind is sometimes formed when the patient is not in a

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the lactate of strontia in parenchymatous nephritis.

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majority of cases) in some one case. Card, letter-head, or some proof that the applicant is a physician in active

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with which death ensued after the appearance of the erysipelas.

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this subject, there were serious defects^ in his apparatus, which

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than at other portions of the year. Happily, it is everywhere a rare dis-

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furnishing the evidence of the pleural sac being filled with liquid, will

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takes place in some cases in ^diich the disease is promptly arrested.

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all respects, the same, although obstipation is a common feature. They

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instructions of the former. Dr. Morton continued to deliver annual

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tutional strength. For this olrject the diet should be nutritious ; tonic

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very slightly acid ; it was also perfectly limpid, hut not materi-

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looking upwards to observe the progress of the tire. This patient lived

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PROPERTIES :— Antiseptic, Antizymotic, and Disinfectant.

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saw him in full animation^ the following Saturday, they beheld him

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the normal range (120 to 130 in 1000 parts) to tO, GO, and even 21 to

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G. B. HARRISON, Pediatrics. A. C. PATTERSON, Mental Diseases, Hygiene.

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a member of an educated and beneficent profession; and upon his

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der of mucus, collections of which are the nuclei for the formation of cal-

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(3) Bruen — Outlines for the Management of Diet, ..." " i.oo

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is acutely painful. In cases of pleurodynia there may be febrile movement,

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scess, and the suppurative stage of the disease render tlie prognosis

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(2) Keating— Maternity, Infancy, Childhood, • .

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exacerbations. Opium and antispasmodic remedies are important in pro-

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