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can be entirely accounted for by the pus and blood; personal observations,

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OsLER — The Princifles and Practice of Medicine. 209

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without consecutive suppuration, one of which was from aneurism.

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of cerebral apoplexy. In an asthenic kind of case, with feeble

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thus both facts and opinions concur to prove that the vaccine

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Equal in value to the discovery of a new therapeutical remedy is the

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week of normal heart action, the patient was returned to the surgical wards

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of secondary exhaustion which is far greater nnd more

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6. The pathological physiology of some of the symptoms

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paralysis. Dercum records two cases, one of recurrent mania, and one

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knowledge of the instrument through the medium of the press.

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Place of next meeting, Nashville, Tenn., second Tues

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of Lodge Walk. It was built in 1737 for the Aberdeen Free-

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}V/f/r£ roR Samples Which Will Be Seht By Express Prepaid,

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in which the symptoms above described having been present during

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hand. At the trial the sister of the prisoner swore that she saw her brother