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presented several interesting papers on the subject, " Convul-
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how fallacious pathological reasoning may be, and upon what in-
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of the two valves of a rubber football sewed together at the edges, and connected
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of our society committees as a timely and absorbing topic,
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rummage among the viscera, and scrutinize most narrowly all
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sorption of bone, their insufficient calcification, and it in turn causes various
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ber ar, 1857, at Appleton, Wis. He was educated at ihc
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of drugs. All these topics have been sufficiently enlarged upon
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for whom the city of Rochester is named. Thomas H. Rochester was
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fessor of Surgery at Cornell University Medical College, holding this
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twenty years, and Professor of Clinical Medicine of that institution,
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strongest doses repeatedly. Dr. J. P. Sutherland and the writer
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with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. He then entered upon the study
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recommend that the City Government be petitioned to provide
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tice of his profession in Brooklyn, where he has since continued.
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of Dr. W. W. Potter are: Helen P., married Buiel G. Tallman; and
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schools of Brooklyn, going from thence to the College of Physicians
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the medical periodicals, and also short monographs on surgical topics.
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capable of healthy normal thought and action. He has opened
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fissures, often very extensive ; they are either single or
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in his profession which places him lar along in the ranks
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the instrument is kept on beyond the exact time necessary
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The Committee on Ophthalmology and Otology presented the
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dom of medical opinion and practice, but that medical science should be free to
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chronic in character, required sixty, sixty-five, and eighty grains
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the superficial veins, and in lesions of the nerves (median,
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Medical Department of the University of Buffalo. In 1875 he was
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ences," E. L. Melius, Worcester ; " The Obstetric Bag," J. P.
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York. Dr. Ware on both paternal and maternal lines comes of worthy
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the circular method and the method with square flaps
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not be seized in the bite of the needle-holder, as it will be apt to
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where a more careful search will detect some special cause for the condition.
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and the Infane." In the intervals of a busy professn
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of the war made profound changes in this slave-holding
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not meddle with renal effusions when they are aseptic.
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22, 1909. Reprinted from International Clinics, Vol. Ill, Series 19.)
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nose sore, and painful to the touch, and sometimes severe frontal
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New York; Lotus Club; George Washington Post, No. 103, Grand
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medical colleges as a text book. He is also the author of various
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