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Sul»se(piently. Dr. Emmet operated upon this cervix

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a purification that is reasonably satisfactory and that can be accom-

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time Lister gave his antiseptic method to the profession, and, as early

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cord is often short and adherent. Many bands of fibrous

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is now confined to the hovels of the poor, in certain oppressed and suflfering countries,

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colon and the descending colon become retro-peritoneal, and

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that limited space does not permit a full report of the address. The follow-

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but, except under severe and continuous epidemics, the dead are rarely buried

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the different glands was not exactly the same. This opinion is

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and to leave the country in which the disease is endemic.

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from the difficulty that is soon experienced in putting on boots. Dysentery in

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Symptoms of shock and those of hemorrhage were very

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Mayo Foundation ; Dr. Robert Hebbel, associate pro-

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Of the nature, extent, and value of the surgical data Dr. Otis says : —

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or nervousness. In the event of side effects dosage to be reduced to Vz tablet 3

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undergo a certain amount of refraction upon entering the liquid, which

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1889 q. — De 1' occurrence de la filaire de medine chez les animaux. [Read 9

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fracture of the bone ordinary inflammation of the osseous substance took

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part, and, if the abdomen be not largely distended, it is more marked below

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her to rely upon the skill, courage, presence of mind, and

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tertian malaria develop chiefly in the bone marrow and in the srpleen,

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benefit derived from its use ici numerous other instances. I

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sixty-three years, entered the wards at the Charite, January 12, 1874. She

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wound of the left side of the head received at the second battle of Bull

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may use such a quantity of the normal salt solution as will have a