centage of cases with, to those without, concretions, 95.4
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farmer or father want© his boy to walk three miles and a half,
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turpentine, carbolic acid, chlorate of potassium, salicylic acid and its com-
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are put up in seemingly harmless tablets and sugar-coated pills
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11. Diagram of the central path of the auditory nerve (cochlear root), showing
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"The idea that a cylindrical-celled adenoma can spring from
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of Hethylene Blue. A. Ivanoff. — Methylene blue affects the
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of the deep bluish discoloration resulting from prolonged ingestion of
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lis ; the lapse of time is just sufficient for ulceration to have occurred ;
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nervous system. All the authors mention a general anaesthesia dur-
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The first physician in charge was Dr. Enders, who has
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on examination without bony union. In addition, fibrous
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auricle (Av-Ra). The mechanical systoles of the right auricle and
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when quantities of prepared fruit juices are taken. Again, in some cases
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M. To be well rubbed into the scalp for several minutes once or twice a
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it proper to be as conservative as possible in operating on these
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and taken up in sterile distilled water to the original volume of blood.
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" It is difficult to understand how germs can hve that
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whole pitcher of water at one draught. Trousseau's patient drank 50
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however, would not be moved by their prayers, except upon condition that man>
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absorption band in the spectrum at F. In health very small quantities of
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esting circumstances of gestation and parturition, the
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symptoms which are thought the usual indications of acute pleurisy. In
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wallowed, except under two circumstances: — 1. When the accuser has
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at a time when the general intoxication was following a very different
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justice'") (quoting Offutt v. United States , 348 U.S. 11, 14, 75 S. Ct. 11, 13, 99
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treatment of cardiac dropsy; it may cause nausea and vomit-
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entery. So also after the epidemic of cholera has passed by, have
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region of the gall-bladder and common duct. To assist in traction
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Bussenlus: Archiv fiir Laryngologie und Rhinologie, 1897, vi, 1.
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illness and great weakness, giddiness, faintness, pains in the
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an imaginative child. The assurance that unseen powers are watching
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effect, often experienced, of prolonging the action of
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in the lower animals: — (1.) A condition little different from
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section of the corpus callosum, complete or partial (12), he found
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The tremor of paralysis agitans has characteristics distinguishing it from
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induce him to depart. He himself had tapped the chest
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