connected with these concretions shows that they were originally the genuine tu-

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emetic, from which she vomited, she became quieter. On the next

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Under a proper condition of the lungs, heart and liver, and when the person is

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delay in this matter; for in numerous cases delay enables the cancer to progress to

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fever) came on, but without any eruption on the surface, and was

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102 degrees. By passing into the lungs ah also loses its oxygen and electricity, and

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cabbage and grass. They were healthy when cooped up ; in a month, one died ;

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chorea ; but I think he seems inclined to suppose, though he leaves

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after nursing. One day ago was seen by a pediatrist, who

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congregated on the exterior of the thymus gland. Upper lobe of the

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Rocking-chairs, sofas, and seats of whatever kind having curved backs, have a

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to special monographs or to works on general medicine.

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movements became more extreme, and she died in the evening of

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and very effectual, which shall put you to no expense for doctors fees — which you

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ment which he has found most efficacious. He appears to rely

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describes the post-mortem examination, the principal appear-

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have overlooked the important truth we have presented. Woman is educated in a

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during her eonlim ment ; every successive one more and more debilitated and pros-

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The dust around piles of brick in the streets should be collected up in a neat

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emotion or excitement upsets her, causing marked tachycardia

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great difficulty in breathing and had to stop to catch his breath.

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chloroform, forming a golden-yellow solution. It is also readily

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th of them the skin and the eye on the other side remained

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rosive sublimate and other mineral poisons, disguised under the name of vegetable

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ibrehead is directed ; the fundus of the uterus wiU gradually sink

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about and was unmanageable in the vehicle for some time as usual,

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value in differentiating between varying types of anesthesia, but

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ing factor to the combined renal function and of considerable

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in the presence of the existing infection; 2 gm. of glucose per

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or '^ vascular tumour of the origin of the meatus urinarius '' of

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any form of egg-containing food, but after persistent quizzing

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which the chorea commenced varied, but in seven eases it was at the second, and

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Dr. Mackay. Taken in connection with the annual reports of

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perty of the unions in Ireland, for the purpose of " immediately

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'• Let us cast our eyes over the earth and observe the two great divisions of the

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that; frequently it is produced by tubercles or grub in the lungs, which cause

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" When the tendency to glaucoma is present, there may yet have

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