drawers. Then, if warmly clad and the feet kept dry and warm, out of
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cpient decomposition to come on before we proceed to take
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on each side, so as to affect both arm areas as well as the leg areas, a
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of Dr. Selwyn. The success of this project will benefit the public health of this community, as well as throughout the country,”
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and especially by Neucort.* The writer last named advised its use in large
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Christina came into our lives in 1980 with tremendous
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book to make all statements as free as possible from technical
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times the rash of measles would be associated with the local lesion of scarlet
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" Tobias " is aware. In that historical book, it is said
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results, show that the amount of water-soluble nitrogen increases with
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across first portion of duodenuni (indenting it) to
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ratio must be due largely to the diagnosis of syph-
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results were modified by the position of the patient during the
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It may perhaps be proper in this connection to state briefly the views of
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highly probable that the stone was formed definitely
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Notification of Measles and. Whoopingcougb. — M. Hay »
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the lungs, I— In flam mat ion of the bowels, 1— tnflintile, 3 — lung fever, 9>->old age. 3— ouinsy, J—
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reaches the habitat of the bacilli to destroy them, it seems that this
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iweeks afterwards. One medical witness referred death to the effects of the
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the thorax, he may place the hand of that side upon his head, and
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The remedies most used were bryonia, eupatorium, iodide of
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of pleuritic effusion. Dr. Fuller differs from those
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for which disorder is phenazopyridine (pyridium) most commonly administered
ordinary type of bovine haemorrhagic septicaemia it is distin-
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withdrawing the "perfectly developed crown of a perfect molar
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June 28th, patient very weak ; has severe headache ; extremities
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Age. — As regards primary tuberculosis of the kidney practically all
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Cask IV. — A man of thirty-five, who a few weeks previous-
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becomes comatose quite suddenly, and immediately after-
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for the passage of light to the retina. Ninety-two of
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forrau1?e; at others, tormina and tenesmus annoy the patient with
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the asthmatic attacks increasing in violence and frequency. The suf-
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many mild cases occur of which a large proportion are never suspected
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his wife, and then the whole body must be moved. When