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and the disappearance of fat seemed to l)e limited to the subcutaneous region ;

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Apply a strong Mustard paste to the left side of the chest.

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thirdly, to reflex disturbance of the Auerbach's plexus and Meissner's

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through the thigh-bone, he bent the leg, by which the condyles

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light — both came on the right side. When walking in the woods,

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one so smaU as to be insignificant for the organism. In this way it is possible to

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marked and more speedy relief in young people where there is

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fortunately, accurate means of discriminating the secondary from the primary

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affect almost every organ of the body. All of us know how dull our brains

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tended study of the meager statistics relating to them seems

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more severe but they are also very frequently of extremely sudden onset ;

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1 In liquids containing organic matter. Nitric acid ™7 A \^?%^

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normal appearance. Externally, we find a layer of many cells mostly

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The Pathogeny of Congenital Hydrocele. — Dr. Ver-

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recommended by Dr. Sayre in twelve cases with very good results, once in the

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tion and the abundance of the exudation. It does not follow from this fact

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I Concretion of various kinds are deposited in cavities, and ob

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68% reported that they were satisfied. Other findings suggest support for

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concerning which, the author's remarks are very judicious. Next follow in

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E,egurgitation through a valve causes enlargement of the cavity, from its

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value than the physical signs. No one symptom is pathogno-

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much of surgical and of general physiologic importance

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adjustment and in maintaining meaningful human relationships.