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Etiology. The blood may proceed from either the respiratory
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long and faithfully in the grandest calling of alL The
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.digestive apparatus much less complicated nd less extended tluui those
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*8ee paper by Dr. Rtcharduon In Boston Medical and Surgical Joamal, April, 1879.
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lar or fibrillated material which stained very faintly if at aU. The im-
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where the sore may be; it removes the scurf and the
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tend to, and so entirely without excuse, hasten to depute
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methods should be adopted which make the removal of practi-
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blade will permit the sawing to be done on the exact curve of the floor
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brain internally : it is, however, proper to state that the brain of a child is
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(4) Case of upward and outward coloboma of the iris, corresponding to
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by the regular passage sounds. But unfortunately the other day the
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perature was a little over 100 degrees. His respira-
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volved ; not only the synovial membrane and the cartilage, but
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are the lunar caustic ; potassa fusa ; the actual cautery ;
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But it may be said that the disorder is nothing more or less
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persistent it should suggest the diagnosis of ulcer.
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ably applied technique may promise a solution of the
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which experience has shown to be sometimes curative, and which are to
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preventive medicine whereby the death-rate is being
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he has to determine is that by which he is enabled to observe and
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come of it. My cataract and iridectomy cases treated
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deemed a misdemeanor, and shall subject the indorse^" or
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first prophylactic. The general health has a direct bear-
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than they have hitherto possessed, and much useful informa-
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support to the Hospital Cancer Program and the Commis-
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tance that instruments, lights, etc., are neglected and good
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remedies ; horizontal decubitus, head low, injections of ether, flagel-
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headache, mental apprehension, general weakness, and gastro-intestinal
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nine years. It resulted from sudden later by an aseptic operation, or may be
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task to abate, await, without a question, the surgeon of
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bility of introducing instruments to break the stone without de-
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The Eoy.^l Polytechnic Institution.— The directors
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opposite o^inions^ and the total want of agreement to be found, when
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therefore be "thoroughly syphilised," as far as it could be