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Welcome to The Vegan Blog 2 !

Here you will find many featured articles about vegetarianism, Veganism, green living, and animal rights. You will find many vegan recipes, segments and links to other vegan blogs. Look into all of our posts as you are sure to find much of interest.  Check out our Vegan Coats, and Vegan Laptop Bags pages. Please visit the resource pages for links to other vegetarian vendors.

Are you a more mature vegan (over 40) who would like to blog and also connect with other similarly experienced Vegans? Please join the membership site. The carrotloves membership site is a place where the single vegan is embraced, with a special interest placed on self improvement and world improvement.  Blogging and forum features are free for all members. So join in and start blogging to help to create the change you want to see in this world.

How Bloggers Can Save The World !

The global media is changing. And in a world where blogs are becoming more widely read than newspapers and magazines, appealing to the public has taken on a whole new dimension. The dawn of the Internet has allowed many newcomers to do business at a fraction of the costs and reach every corner of the globe. This is an excellent development for non-profit organisations as these days can operate without, massive budgets and excessive manpower.

Charity Blogs and Bloggers

Bloggers really do have the power to save the world. There are simply millions of charity organisations around the globe – so many that charity blogs and websites often act as fundraisers, affiliates and mediums between charities and the donors.

By running with existing organisations or tackling the task of starting a charity, bloggers can build support across a variety of topics on a global scale. Many successful philanthropic bloggers include online authors, marketers, artists, families or even the petitioners themselves.

Social networking and consumer generated media are changing the face of the Internet daily. Interactive websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Reddit are making it easier for everyday people to share information and discuss global issues. Blogs and other social websites are freely available to anyone that has anything they want to say and can be used to reach a potential canvas of the globe.

Charity Search Engines

Charitable search engines generate revenue through advertising in the same way that conventional search engines do – in fact they’re usually powered by information giants such as Yahoo! and Google. The only difference is that the profits are donated at the end of the day.

Some of these are completely non-profit and give their proceeds back, while others retain a percentage of the funds as operating costs – the beneficiaries of which are often decided by the users of the search engine in a public forum or vote.

Specific Causes

Although charity blogging / philanthropic marketing is often regarded as a passion for some, the amount of help needed is overwhelming. Thankfully, niche organisations, societies, groups and individuals can appeal to a broader audience online for causes such as:
Religious institutions
Medical research
Poverty alleviation
Volunteers and physical manpower
Anti-animal cruelty
Crisis and emergency relief funds
Human rights
Political or social activism

Online Donations

Whether for their own dedicated cause or as an agent for charity organisations, most philanthropic websites survive purely on donations from Internet users around the world. Payments systems have become incredibly streamlined and there are numerous associations monitoring and certifying the validity of online charities, and don’t forget all the added tax benefits.

Online donations are probably the most effective way of doing a good deed from anywhere in the world. A once off contribution or an ongoing appeal from your blog or website as an individual or corporation is best way to make a rewarding difference for everyone.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As they say, the Internet is serious business. Most companies operate some or other form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. Be it annual profit sharing or support in the local community by volunteer staff members, modern companies approach day-to-day business with development in mind and normally have a section of their website set aside for their charitable endeavours. The power and impact that comes with these corporations can have a tremendous positive influence in the world.

Worldwide Blogger Bake Off

The Worldwide Blogger Bake Off is a perfect example of how bloggers can save the world. An initiative from Breadline Africa, an online non-profit organisation, the campaign appeals to bloggers to challenge each other for the good of poverty alleviation in southern Africa.

Invited to “Bake Break – Give Dough”, it’s up to the bloggers to get their hands dirty in the kitchen, share their baking experiences, donate to the cause and coax others to do the same.

Be it a foccacia or a flop, the symbol of bread is used to send a global distress signal and raise US$1 million – and the media players, authority figures and taste creators have the power to answer the call.

By: Damian Burke

Article Directory: Breadline Africa is a non-profit charity based in Cape Town, South Africa and appeals to the generosity of the Internet users around the world to help alleviate the effects of poverty in southern Africa. A registered charity, the organisation provides grants to numerous deserving charity projects.

Would you like to be a Vegan Blogger? Visit the Membership site,
where you can set up your own free blog and blog away about all things vegan, green, animal rights etc, and help this planet become a more compassionate world.

Watch A SACRED DUTY: Applying Jewish Values To Help Heal The World With Veganism

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